No matter where you are, you can START NOW to transform your old story into a new & empowered one, because you deserve it!! 

Challenges are part of the human experience and sometimes we need a little help getting 'unstuck'. I guide you to shift old, limiting patterns & beliefs, as well as provide you with the tools you need to create the changes you desire.

GetLifeFlowyn Services


Release stress, insomnia, fears, worries, sadness, old thought patterns, unwanted pounds or unhealthy habits.


A loving, peaceful & relaxing experience where I facilitate the receiving of tree energy to support your own healing.

Emotional FreedomTechnique

E.F.T. releases trapped emotions like fear, worry, habits, poor confidence and self-esteem.

How Can Hypnosis & NLP Help Me?

Imagine what it would be like to let go of stress, insomnia, fears, worry, guilt, grief & unhealthy thought patterns so you can open your heart more! Would you like to enhance your focus & performance at work, school or sports? Hypnosis helps everyday people with everyday problems like letting go of unhealthy habits, weight, smoking, procrastination, limiting beliefs & so much more. 

What is Hypnosis & NLP?

Hypnosis is a natural state of focused concentration, which you naturally enter several times daily, such as being so focused on a task you do not hear someone speaking to you. Relaxation, focus & the particular language of Neuro Linguistic Programming communicates with your unconscious mind to help you achieve your desired outcome.

I guide you to achieve an altered state of consciousness and help you access your unconscious mind. It is here you can shift old habits and create true change. In essence, hypnosis is about de-programming the thoughts/fears/limiting beliefs  you have taken on as your own, or those that have been imposed by others.

The practice is absolutely safe, used for over 200 years and has been accepted by the British, American and Canadian Medical Associations since the 1950s.

About Me, the Consulting Hypnotist

As a fully trained Hypnotist & Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, certified with The Association for Integrative Psychology, I facilitate relaxation, induce hypnosis to communicate with your unconscious mind & enable the changes you want. You will be kept safe and treated with the utmost respect. Since you are always in control, you can never be made to do, or say, anything against your will. 

Compare it to a road-trip, where you are the driver of your own car and I am your navigator, ensuring you stay on course and arrive safely at your desired destination.

Celtic Reiki

Celtic Reiki is a very relaxing experience, where I facilitate your receiving of energy to support your own healing. 

Generally, there is very little contact, except to connect initially. It is a unique & profound form of vibrational therapy which harnesses the energy of trees, botanicals, crystals, elements & more, following the old lore of the Celts & the lost language of the trees. Each essence works on a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level. Celtic Reiki was created as a synthesis of traditional Usui Reiki & Celtic philosophies by a trained Usui Reiki Master who happened across a tree that had recently been struck down by lightning. 

As a healer, he felt compelled to send some Reiki to the shocked & suffering tree. Once connected to the tree, the master received a download & was inspired to combine the two energies. 

Celtic Reiki has become a very powerful healing modality that creates well-being, personal & spiritual development, as well as connecting us with the natural world. This aspect in today's society is greatly lacking & many suffer as a result.

Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T)

E.F.T. is rapidly gaining in popularity as an Energy Psychology healing method. 

Blockages within the energy system challenge our emotions and lead to disharmony in body, mind and spirit. This technique aids in releasing negative emotions, such as fear, worry, habits, poor confidence and self-esteem, following the premise of acupuncture. In an E.F.T session, you are guided to use your fingertips, rather than needles, to tap on meridian points that are situated just beneath the surface of the skin. 

Every meridian affects an organ, which in turn is related to particular emotions. The tapping is done in conjunction with phrases or affirmations to release the emotional charge. The treatment is a non-invasive, pain-free, simple and yet very effective self-help tool, which empowers you to actively contribute to your own healing and development process. You will be left with a technique that you can apply to a variety of life issues.

Meeting with Wyn was somewhat of a catalyst for me. I had already been doing the work to clear away old patterns of thinking that kept me small and invisible, yet I seemed to always come up against a block. Wyn's ability to bring me to the depths of relaxation I needed to be, and her attentiveness and patience to guide me through the hypnosis, enabled me to go to deeper places within myself that I could only touch before. I literally felt a shift happen within my whole being. The changes since then have been tremendous and I have taken risks I never would have before. I would recommend doing hypnosis with Wyn to anyone if they wish to expand and move closer to being their authentic selves in the world.  

by S.A.R. 

After years of thinking about it I finally decided to see a hypnotherapist to help me resolve issues from my past. That is all I was expecting. The hypnosis sessions with Wyn have given me so, so much more. Wyn thoroughly explained the hypnosis process which allowed me to relax and go with the flow. Through hypnosis Wyn and I have resolved those issues, I have been able to forgive and release  what I was originally looking for. Wyn is now guiding me on the journey to becoming the best me that I can be. My horizons have expanded, my self-esteem has blossomed, my confidence has exploded. I am now choosing happiness, love, joy for my life. I was ready to make these changes and I thank Wyn Andress for being my therapist, guide and friend on my exhilarating journey of discovery.  

by C.R.B. 

I went into my exams stress-free into a state of self-hypnosis. And I still practice it everyday. It has also given me a sense of betterment of myself & a feeling that I don't have to worry about school all the time. I just want to thank you for this opportunity.        

by Stefan J

What started as a consultation for fear of public speaking ended up being a journey to a deeper, loving part of myself.  I began seeing Wyn because of anxiety from public speaking and discovered that some of it was tied to unworthiness.  Wyn helped me uncover an issue from my past that I thought was resolved but was really just buried deep.  We worked through it in a way that allowed me to forgive myself and has granted me great freedom.  As for dealing with my anxiety, Wyn has given me many creative and useful techniques that help me quiet my thoughts and feelings any time I need to.  As a result of working with Wyn, I feel calmer, more confident and freer than before.  It has been a liberating journey.

by Janet W

About Wyn Andress

I am passionate about natural healing therapies & believe it saved my life! In the late 90's I began to experience health concerns & persistent low back pain after four pregnancies. A chiropractor suggested yoga to help release tension in my back and I was hooked.     

This prompted me to acquire certification as a Yoga Therapist in 2010. As a Montessori teacher of 10 years, yoga was employed in the classroom to calm & focus my students. I ran yoga summer day camps and taught adult yoga classes for 6.5 years. I then gained a greater understanding of physiology and the therapeutic benefits of yoga working in a physiotherapy clinic doing 1-1 yoga as part of patients' physiotherapy programs for 2 years.      

In 2007 I felt like my life was falling apart!!! I was peri-menopausal, wracked with anxiety (ended up on meds), I still carried emotional baggage & faced various personal trials. This lead me to expand the search for non-invasive, effective solutions to heal beyond the physical. This opened my path to experience herbalism, chakra work, energy medicine, E.F.T. & Shamanism.     

As a result, I was inspired to become certified as a Meditation Teacher (2010), Celtic Reiki Practitioner (2010), Karmic Regression Therapist (2011), in Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T. aka Tapping 2013), as a Consulting Hypnotist (2013) &, finally as a Master Neuro-Linguist Programming Practitioner (NLP 2019). Employing these healing methods have allowed great change in my life & the lives of numerous others.     

Hypnosis was the most powerful catalyst in creating true changes for me, allowing a release of decades-worth of trauma, fears & mis-beliefs. I'm happy to say I'm off all medication. 

Since hypnosis works with your own unconscious mind, your focus & your wish to transform your life, it puts the control back in your hands.     

Using my vast experience and various training, I use my intuition to best guide me when working with clients. I often employ several modalities to best support the client on their healing journey of change.     

As a Certified Consulting Hypnotist & Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, registered with the Association for Integrative Psychology, I am passionate about supporting & empowering clients to clear away old beliefs, fears & habits that hold them back so as to connect with greater health & potential.    

My greatest wish is to guide you through those changes so you can be your best self & Get Life Flowyn.


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